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Pre-purchase Inspections

Pre- purchase inspections are one of the most important investments a prospective buyer can make in purchasing an aircraft.

Tempest utilizes extremely experienced individuals to thoroughly inspect the airframe, engines and records ensuring the customer is made fully aware of all possible descrepinces or issues that may affect the status of the aircraft.

The pre-purchase inspection includes the following:

  • Detailed inspection of aircraft
  • Ensure all repairs and modifications carried out by the seller are approved and correctly documented including copies of all repair schemes and modification drawings
  • Records review to ensure all Airworthiness directives and mandatory Bulletins have been complied with
  • Carry out technical records audit
  • Inspect and record equipment to be sold with aircraft
  • Prepare initial finding report listing deficiencies for review with buyer
  • Prepare detailed report including budgetary numbers to rectify deficiencies and upcoming scheduled maintenance expenditures
  • Boroscope imaging of engines available upon request