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Meet the Team

The friendly, hardworking faces of Tempest Aviation Group

Laurie Saindon
Owner / President

Steve Reeves
Owner / CEO

Brent Marshall

Roger Reid
General Manager / CFO

Colin Kilmaster
Business Development

Sheryl Foord
Accounting Assistant

Chantelle Lister
Corporate Account Mgr

Kailyn McLennan
Corporate Account Assistant

Brennen Worobey
Sales Manager

Sharon Goldfinch
AR Supervisor
Drew Tompkins
Inventory Manager

Paris Woodhouse
Warehouse Shipping

Tim Meints
Tim the Tool Man
Karl Henderson
Warehouse Shipping / Receiving

Bryan Schellenberg
Design / Marketing

Lina Hammouda
Customer Service
Jacob Clement
Warehouse Receiving
Jake Gravel
Warehouse Receiving
Drake Richardson
Warehouse Inventory
Randy Gale